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Powder Coating Booth Risks and Offenses

Powder coating is a form of spray painting. There are a wide variety of products which use the same basic ingredients, but each product has a different way in which it works. This means that it is very important to understand how to prepare for the job. Many people will decide to spray paint their booth to create the appearance of natural materials. However, there are other options available.  Click here to learn more about powder coating booth.

Before starting your business you should have all the necessary equipment. For example, you will need a powder coating spray booth, air compressor and a variety of safety gear including eye protection and gloves. You may also need a variety of wood or plastic panels to construct your booth. These panels should be designed to withstand UV light. Typically, a powder coating spray booth will be located in an outdoor area such as a woodworking shop.

If you do decide to use a batch powder coating booth you will still require two different types of packaging. Your first choice is to use either a case or container to house your finished product. The containers can either be constructed from high quality industrial plastic or an equally suitable material which can be used in a wooden box. Both options provide a high level of flexibility in storing and transporting finished products.

In addition to these storage and transportation options you will also require a means of collecting the material used in the creation of your booth. Your powder coating booth application will supply you with a means of collecting the material including an injection jack and storage pods. The injection jack will provide you with a quick and efficient means of collecting the material. It will attach to your booth with stainless steel clamps. The storage pods provide you with a more convenient means of storing your product.

In addition to the means of collection previously mentioned there are other methods of protecting your work area and the surrounding environment. These methods are typically designed to provide chemical, biological and physical safety to you and/or your workers while you are working. Typically, powder coating booth applications employ processes which result in very low airborne exposure to the spray artists and/or customers. A typical powder coating booth application utilizes low VOC (volatile organic compounds) air filters. You should always refer to the guidelines for applying air filters and/or hazardous gases in your specific industry when selecting a powder coating system.

A common chemical employed to reduce the risk of powder coating booth operators experiencing chemical burns is a HEPA filter. The reason HEPA filters are often required for powder coating booths is to meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. OSHA requires all personnel involved in the processing or applying powder coatings to wear a protective filter. There are two types of filters available to protect employees - cotton and polyfil. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coating.

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